Giorgos Samantas

Giorgos Samantas is an anthropologist engaged with sound as cultural substance. He has studied Social Anthropology and History (Aegean University, GR) and Visual Anthropology (Manchester, UK).  He has participated in group exhibitions, artistic events and conferences in Greece, UK, Slovenia, Albania, and had been a member of Fones collective in Athens. [Border Crossing Network – Salovci, Slovenia, 2007 & Korca, Albania, 2008; Researching and Crossing the Boundaries of “Electronic/Digital” Music, Synch Festival, Athens, 2009; Senses in Motion, Manchester, UK, 2011; Voices : Invitation for Exchange – «Ανταλλαγή/ Αustausch/ Exchange, Broadway Gallery, Athens; Fones@EMPROS theatre, 2012 & 2013; Fones@CAMP!, 2014;  Listening to each other / Einander zuhören – Stadt-(Ge)Schichten, Goethe Institute, Athens, 2014]. He is a co-organiser of “sound circles” workshop in TWIXTlab. He is also engaged with the exploration of an anthropology “beyond text”, using video, sound and photography as means to expand anthropological media.

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