Geert Vermeire

Geert Vermeire is a Belgian curator, artist and writer, working between Athens, Lisbon and Brussels, referring to the concept of ‘the body as measure unit’ using the senses and the body as instruments of knowledge, experience and creativity, departing from social practices, community involvement and the ethical involvement of cultural action, often with young people and with students of the universities of art in the cities above.

An artistic collaboration with the Belgian artist Stefaan Van Biesen, lasting now for over 15 years, leaded to a series of artistic walks, performances, installations, exhibitions, urban interventions, locative media projects, soundscapes and videos in many European cities.

Since 2010 he works closely together with noTours, an international collective of developers, sound experts and sound artists on the development of sound maps and geolocated soundwalks.

He realized as well cultural and new media art projects involving literature, social interaction and public space for various museums, academical and cultural institutions in Europe and in South America.

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