Zoi Arvaniti

 I was born in 1983, in Athens. I studied in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (theater studies). Moreover, I studied sculpture in Athens School of Fine Arts, by emphasizing in installations, site specific and performance arts. Since 2009 I participated in several workshops and group exhibitions in Greece, in Belgium (“Sites en ligne” festival) and in Italy (open air/public installation in Toscane). From 2012 I work as stage designer in theatrical plays and as a freelance artist, willing to explore and combine art fields such as sculpture, sound, performance and new media.

Sofia Grigoriadou

Sofia Grigoriadou is currently attending the Master of Fine Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She has graduated from the A.S.F.A. (2013) and the Philosophical, Pedagogical and Psychological Department of the University of Athens (2006). She has participated in various group exhibitions, conferences and artistic projects, such as: the 4th Biennale of Athens (2013) -Value Workshop, Refuge Project II- Testimonials (Milos 2014), Listening to each other / Einander zuhören – Stadt-(Ge)Schichten (Goethe Institute, 2014), Digital Storytelling in Times of Crisis (Athens 2014). She has carried out educational programs at schools and worked with children with special needs. She collaborates with Elpida Rikou and Io Chaviara in the framework of TWIXTlab, an art project situated in between contemporary art, anthropology and social reality. Her artistic practice includes fieldwork, mapping, installation, text, audio, video and photography.

Maria Methimaki

I was born in Heraklion, Crete and since 1998 I live and work both in Athens and Crete. 2013 Diploma. Sculpture Art Department A.S.F.A. School of Fine Art of Athens, Greece. Member of Performance Group of A.S.F.A. Complete two years courses in Laboratory of Scenography in A.S.F.A. 2005 Diploma. School of Architecture N.T.U.A. National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Since 2006 I work as a freelancer. My portfolio includes several Architectural and Art projects of both large and medium scale. For detailed information you can visit my website:

Dana Papachristou

Musicologist and artist, focusing in the combination of the Arts through the use of new technological media. I was born in Athens in 1979. I studied music in the Hellenic Conservatory, Musicology in the Kapodistrian University of Athens, and Music Culture and Communication in the departments of Media and Music Studies, leading to my dissertation which looks into the relation of music and painting within Modernism throughout the correspondence of Schoenberg and Kandinsky. At the moment I am working on my doctoral thesis in the discipline of Philosophy of Music in regards with Deleuze and Guattari, the Aesthetics of New Media Art in their works Anti-Oedipus and Mille Plateaux in Paris 8 – Vincennes and the Ionian University. In addition, I am a senior student in composition in the class of Anastassis Philippakopoulos, and a piano studies graduate (student of Vicky Chistophilou). I have participated in some interdisciplinary research projects about contemporary music and its relationship with other forms of art  (Einander zuhören – Stadt-(Ge)Schichten, Goethe Institut, Athens 2014). I am a co-organiser (together with George Samantas) of “sound circles” workshop in TWIXTlab.. Finally, I have participated in several music projects (Delos project – Tango with lions), and I have worked as a musician in education.

Mariza Parasyri

I was born in Heraklion (Crete) and studied Civil Engineering  in National Technical University of Athens. I live and work in Athens and I am currently a senior student of the MA in Creative Writing at the University of Western Macedonia and a student of the MA in Theology at the Hellenic Open University. In 2012 my first book of poems “o auto-noitos” was published by Oselotos publishing house. Since then I have been publishing texts in printed and digital magazines and I have participated in collective volumes. I am currently doing my practice as a teacher of creative writing in secondary education.

George Samantas

Giorgos Samantas is an anthropologist engaged with sound as cultural substance. He has studied Social Anthropology and History (Aegean University, GR) and Visual Anthropology (Manchester, UK).  He has participated in group exhibitions, artistic events and conferences in Greece, UK, Slovenia, Albania, and had been a member of Fones collective in Athens. [Border Crossing Network – Salovci, Slovenia, 2007 & Korca, Albania, 2008; Researching and Crossing the Boundaries of “Electronic/Digital” Music, Synch Festival, Athens, 2009; Senses in Motion, Manchester, UK, 2011; Voices : Invitation for Exchange – «Ανταλλαγή/ Αustausch/ Exchange, Broadway Gallery, Athens; Fones@EMPROS theatre, 2012 & 2013; Fones@CAMP!, 2014;  Listening to each other / Einander zuhören – Stadt-(Ge)Schichten, Goethe Institute, Athens, 2014]. He is a co-organiser of “sound circles” workshop in TWIXTlab. He is also engaged with the exploration of an anthropology “beyond text”, using video, sound and photography as means to expand anthropological media.

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