Resounding Cities at the exhibition Welcome to Ecumenopolis @ metamatic:taf

The sound map of our project and workshop is currently installed at the exhibition Welcome to Ecumenopolis.

Welcome to Ecumenopolis is curated by METASITU at the space metamatic:taf and will last until 29.03.2015.

Welcome to Ecumenopolis constitutes a platform for the presentation of the ‘global authenticity’: new fibers in this all-enveloping urban tissue, analysis of the global urban carpet that transcends legislative borders, paved avenues and network signals.

The exhibition brings together contemporary art practitioners, architects, urbanists and thinkers from Greece, Latvia, the UK, Germany and Spain to reflect, investigate or contradict the idea of the world as one continuous urban entity.

Workshops on the other hand explored the nature of ECUMENOPOLIS with purpose to engage public audience in the simulated processes that reflect on the transforming urban world and global networks they are integral part of. Workshop results such as objects, videos, texts and sounds are exhibited along the permanent exponents.

Participating artists: Giorgio Boulasidis, Olalla Gomez, Edurne Herrán, Reinis Hofmanis, Zissis Kotionis, METASITU, Edijs Vucens, Oliwia Weronika Twardowska, Laura Yuile, Theodoros Zafeiropoulos

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