Resounding Cities | Urban Rituals – Lisbon

06.03.2015 Resounding Cities / Urban Rituals. Presentation of artistic walking projects and sound walking projects in Lisbon. Artwork & wall graphic ‘Spaziergangwissenschaft’ by Stefaan van Biesen at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (curated by Vermeire Geert) and students of RITS School of Arts Brussels -FBAUL Lisbon in the framework of the project Resounding Cities (Lisbon, Brussels, Athens). Building a network of artistic interventions with remote users from other cities we attempt to investigate the effect towards the cities involved. 3 Squares: Largo do Carmo Lisbon, Katelijne Square Brussels, Monasteraki Square Athens. Extracts sound recordings Largo do Carmo by Amélie Van Campen, Sarah Mylle, Karen Coppens and Laurens Luyten.

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