Resounding Cities at metamatic:taf – Workshop of the exhibition “Welcome to Ecumenopolis” curated by METASITU

RESOUNDING CITIES Workshop 7th March 2015 @ Metamatic:taf, Athens, Greece EXHIBITION by METASITU Welcome to Ecumenopolis – 19/2/2015 – 29/3/2015.

The goal of the workshop was, firstly, to create a sound map of Monastiraki square (an area near TAF Foundation), secondly, to design a blog which will be constantly renewed with audiovisual material, and last to compose a soundwalk with the use of mobile phones and GPS, that will augment the sensorial dimensions of urban rituals that compose the experience of the city. Besides the physically present participants the workshop will be enhanced with the contribution of our international network of visual artists, musicians and social scientists, that will collaborate with field recordings from other European cities. In the same time we were in live exchange with two associated workshops that will take place in Lisbon (The Milena Principle / Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon) and in Brussels (The Milena Principle / School of Arts – RITS, Radio Department). Other participants that contributed with sound and visual material are: Dzovinar Mikirditsian (Paris), Doris Hakim (Antwerp), Sinan Bokesoy (Istanbul) and Nikos Bubaris (Venice, Madrid).

DSC_1137 copyDSC_1140 copyDSC_1156 copyDSC_1158 copyDSC_1172 copyDSC_1187 copyDSC_1198 copyDSC_1208 copyDSC_1213 copyDSC_1239 copyDSC_1250 copyDSC_1265 copyDSC_1283 copyDSC_1297 copy

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